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Alhambra And Montbello Selva Kids BJJ

Acclaimed UCLA Physician Strongly Recommends Jiu Jitsu For Kids

“The importance of learning martial arts always depends on the school and instructor. Add in kids and the selection becomes even more important because the school and instructor(s) are likely to have a meaningful imprint on their developing personalities. Training for kids is not the same as training for teens, where the training becomes more […]

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Kids Martial Arts Classes in Alhambra

Kids have too much energy?! | Kids Martial Arts Classes Alhambra

Kids Martial Arts Classes Alhambra can help many parents out! Kids Martial Arts Classes Alhambra can make summer time less stressful for parents!¬†Unless they are in summer school but even then they are home a lot more than regular school days. Your kids might have a ton of energy they need to use up. They […]

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Childrens Jiu jitsu Classes Montebello

Childrens Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello | Social Issues

Childrens Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello can help your child with much more than just Self-Defense Childrens Jiu Jitsu classes can provide a fun environment for your child. This is a fun and positive environment that your child can enjoy while getting in physical activity! A positive environment is maintained through discipline and common goals […]

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Kids Jiu Jitsu in Alhambra | What Advantages Your Kid Will Receive

Before getting into the advantages that kids Jiu Jitsu¬†classes can offer your child, you need to understand that these classes, as well as any other martial arts classes, aren’t intended to make him or her violent or aggressive. In fact, kids Jiu Jitsuis designed to do the opposite and teach students to be responsible for […]

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