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Paige VanZant Fans Are Just 'Like A Cult': According To THIS Fighter

Paige VanZant Fans Are Just ‘Like A Cult’: According To THIS Fighter

On the most recent edition of The MMA Hour with our favorite host, Ariel Helwani… Jessica-Rose Clark is a professional UFC fighter in the Women’s Flyweight Division, she recently had a fight with fellow female UFC fighter/contender, Paige VanZant, in which she won. Most people would’ve been congratulatory toward Jessica on her new win, especially […]

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Dana White On Jon Jones: An Unsolvable Problem?

Happy Halloween ???? #Day1 #PickYourselfUpAndStartAgain #GoldMedal A post shared by Jon Bones Jones (@jonnybones) on Oct 31, 2017 at 6:50pm PDT According to Dana White, Jon Jones is simply a problem that can’t be solved. However, according to White, it’s not the money that’s derailing Jones’ career, it’s simply Jones’ party animal personality. “I don’t […]

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LOL… Rampage Jackson Mad At Nick Diaz For Trying To Steal His GF

https://tmzvod-a.akamaihd.net/tmz/2017-10/23/0_mw44913e_0_azvj1oxw.mp4 Yeah… He’s mad at… Stuff… Here’s what he had to say about it to TMZ. “Nick Diaz needs to step up to my weight class. That’s all I got to say. Back when MMA first started, there were no weight classes. Nick Diaz, he a warrior just like me. That’s all I got to […]

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