Rousey is the 8th Highest Paid Female Athlete According to Forbes

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Ronda Rousey is now ranked number eighth for the highest paid female athlete on the planet. This was the female bantamweights rank according to the list compiled by Forbes.

At the age of 28, the UFC champion made a great sum of 6.5 million starting from June of 2014 up to June of 2015 according to Forbes. This is for all the fights and all the endorsements that she has. Some of the brands that the UFC champion represents are Reebok, Metro PCS, Carl’s Jr, Buffalo David Britton and Monster headphones.

Ronda Rousey was the only mixed martial artist to have this rank. Included in the list are two professional tennis players, one of which is Maria Sharapova, who is in the lead with having an estimated total earnings of 29.7 million. Another is Serena Williams, who is close to Sharapova, having the estimated total of $24.6 million for her earnings.

rousey3According to Forbes, $3 million of Rousey’s figure came from UFC salary. She defended her title twice in that time frame. The UFC is a private company and does not release fighter pay figures, particularly salary earned from pay-per-view sales.

Last February, Rousey, having twelve wins and zero losses, earned $130,000 for her fight against Cat Zingano, which only lasted for fourteen seconds, but this number does not represent her true earnings from the said fight. The UFC champ was also seen in front of the camera as she appeared in some of the hottest Hollywood films, such as “Expendables 3”, “Furious 7”, and “Entourage”. She also announced that Paramount Pictures will release a film based on her life story and she will play as herself.

Rousey is expected to fight Meisha Tate as the MMA UFC bantamweight champion defends her title for the sixth time. The said fight is expected to happen in January.

As for her film, Peter Berg will direct her life story, entitled “Mile 22”, by early next year.

Rousey is not only making her name known inside the octagon. She also would like people to get to know how it is to be an MMA fighter and to fight for your dreams.

This will definitely add up to her earnings, who knows Forbes might rank her higher by next year.

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