Dana White: “Your zipper is down!”

Conor McGregor took over another event. This did not happen in the octagon, but in front of the media at the “Go Big” media event. This happened in Las Vegas before the UFC 191 battle began. Even if McGregor was on the stage with some of the biggest names in the UFC, he dominated the said event.

As this was happening, Dana White, the president of the UFC, approached McGregor, (having a record of eighteen wins and two losses in the mixed martial arts, six wins and zero lost in the ultimate fighting championship) then whispered something into the champion’s ear. Many assumed that it was a piece of advise to take it down a notch.
Actually, it was far from what everyone expected. White clarified what he whispered to the MMA featherweight champion during the post conference fight for the UFC 191.

whitemcgregor“I told him that his zipper was down. That’s it. Everybody thought I was talking to him and telling him to calm down. His zipper was down. Everybody always reads into it and thinks there’s some crazy conversations going on up there. No. He was jumping up and talking sh-t to everyone and his zipper was down.”

It was actually not more than the president informing his fighter that he is showing more than the usual. Aside from Mcgregor’s brief wardrobe malfunction, for the UFC president, it was no shock that that champion will put a great show every time he faces the media, the fans and of course, his opponents.

Having to see McGregor in front of a crowd is definitely something for everyone. This will be one of the fights that all the UFC fans shouldn’t miss.

We will definitely see the champion in action as the year ends. Mixed martial arts interim champ McGregor is set to face Jose Aldo (25-1 MMA, 7-0 UFC) on December 12. This is a long awaited grudge match that will happen in the UFC 194. Even White agrees to how the champion will take on anyone:

“It’s Conor, That’s who he is. It’s not shocking. He was definitely on fire, but that’s him.”

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