MMA DIET Learn How Bj Penn Will Lose the Weight

MMA Gym In Los AngelesIt wouldn’t be surprising to see Mike Dolce wearing Team Penn gear shortly.

In a statement issued from the famous dietician it is clear that Dolce wants to see BJ Penn go far in coming back to the octagon. Dolce will be helping BJ Penn with his nutrition in going from welterweight to featherweight class.

This is what Mike Dolce had to say to

“BJ Penn is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time,” Dolce said. “He is a legend – a two-division world champion as a 170-pound welterweight and a 155-pound lightweight that has been fighting professionally before most athletes even knew what MMA or the UFC was. It is a great honor to join BJ on his journey back into the Octagon and, in my opinion, to make history as the first ever three-division world champion in our sport.”

“First thing’s first,” Dolce said. “We have a very tough Frankie Edgar standing in our way and in speaking to BJ, that is exactly the way he wants it! I will be flying out to Hilo, Hawaii this week to begin growing my relationship with BJ and offer my skills to his camp.”

Mike Dolce‘s nutritional coaching has been seen throughout MMA and many UFC Veterans, such as Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Chael Sonnen, Vitor ‘the Phenom’ Belfort, and many others. But what makes this significant is the Dolce diet will cater to your very specific needs and as such will put a person in very tip top nutritional shape. Some things need to be changed in some previous fighter’s diets and some things are able to be kept in the diet but at a reduced amount. For example in Belfort’s diet he really enjoyed sweet potatoes and yams, so these were kept in his diet but at lower amounts. As far as carbohydrates were concerned, more natural sources were added to his diet. Another change in dieting may be supplements. In Belfort’s diet change they took a look at all of his supplements and while they were all high quality, Dolce wanted him to consider natural alternatives to the same things the supplements put in your system.

BJ Penn has some work ahead of him as far as his diet goes to get back into the Octagon against Frankie Edgar, so lets see how Mike Dolce’s nutritional coaching does for him in the near future.


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