Miesha Tate: “I Am A Fan Of Conor McGregor”

Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes

Recently Miesha Tate gave her own opinion on on her own opinion, Conor McGregor and the upcoming UFC bout with #4 ranked brazilian, Amanda Nunes…

“Let me get this straight. I am a fan of Conor McGregor. I think he has an awesome fighting style and he markets himself so uniquely, you can’t discredit that. He does a phenomenal job, everyone loves to watch him fight and that’s myself included. But I think that Dana [White] is 100% right in saying, ‘hey if you’re not going to show up to do your part of the job then there’s going to be consequences.’ You can’t be the main event of one of the biggest cards of the year and not do the necessary media obligations. I disagree with him not showing up to that.”

“And what I mean by ‘had to pick up some pieces’ was the day that we had to film the commercial – which Dana White told me that they spent like ten million dollars marketing this card, they’re way over budget but you’ve got to spend money to make money kind of a thing – So he’s putting so much money into this and he offered, Conor was going to get to fly over in a private jet and bring up to twenty people with him. I mean, how awesome first of all. And how easy. You bring your whole gym with you pretty much if you want to. You could probably train on the plane. It’s a private plane. Hit mitts on the plane. You know, train right when you land and then you’re in and out. They tried to make it as easy as they could on him but if you are the main event you have to do that. You’ve got to do that stuff.”

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