Junior Dos Santos Out For At Least 3 Months – “Even In Victory We Can Get Hurt”

Junior Dos Santos Out For At Least 3 Months - "Even In Victory We Can Get Hurt"

Junior dos Santos’ recent five-round domination of heavyweight Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night 86 has proved to have maybe done more harm than good to the former UFC heavyweight champion… He has revealed on his social media this month that he has underwent surgery recently for his severe shoulder injury: A Level Four Rotator Cuff Injury…

“Despite being Brazilian I’ve never played soccer very well, I also wasn’t good enough on swimming or running or any other sports like those. But luckily I found myself in the fight world and I can say, I’m good it. But fighting demands a lot and sometimes even in victory we can get hurt. I could say that now would be a very difficult time for me, but I actually feel blessed. I hurt my shoulder a bit but I won a great fight, and I’m having a excellent care so that very, very soon I will be 100% again. I had a small shoulder surgery this morning and as my good friend Doctor Howard Gelb who took great care of me said, everything went perfectly and guess what! I’m already at home relaxing. I just would like to let you guys know through me. I had surgery to repair my labrum and a level four injury on my rotator cuff. “Level four is a serious injury, so I had to do this surgery.”

Junior Dos Santos hopes to return to the ring in the 2-3 months…

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