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Train MMA!

At MMA in Montebello we offer an array of classes that for those new enthusiasts we offer the following glossary of MMA terms frequently mentioned during the commentary of a UFC fight. Some of these descriptions may make MMA sound unduly violent. Yes, MMA is about inflicting physical superiority over another person. When you think about it, fighting in a ring is incredibly civilized. They’ll try to kill each other, but they agree to stop the instant the other wants to, or is hurt, they’ll shut down all the killer instincts inside them at the moment they feel a tap on the leg. While women are starting to make inroads into MMA, practitioners are still overwhelmingly male. Thus, for the purposes of grammatical simplicity, the pronouns used in these descriptions are masculine. An Arm Bar is a finishing hold where a competitor puts pressure on his/her opponent’s elbow joint by attempting to bend it the way it does not naturally bend. The competitor situates himself so that the opponent’s arm is between his knees, enabling him to use his hips to intensify the pressure. An Axe Kick is a kick executed by a standing fighter, frequently against an opponent who is on the ground, also known as a downed opponent. The standing fighter raises one leg straight in the air and brings it straight down, like the motion of an axe. It is the heel that usually makes contact with the opponent.

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When you take Back Control you take the position where one competitor gets behind the other and controls him by wrapping his legs around the back of his opponent and placing his heels (also known as “hooks”) inside the opponent’s thighs, while also controlling the torso and arms from the back. Having back control is considered to be very advantageous. This is because the person who is being controlled cannot defend well, especially if the person with control is on top of the other person, both people face down.  When you get a Choke you finish the hold that cuts off the blood and/or the oxygen to a mixed martial artist’s brain. A player who does not tap to a well-executed choke will pass out. There are different kinds of chokes, some that use the forearms or biceps to put pressure on the arteries in the neck and/or the windpipe, and others that use the legs around the head and arm. When you Clinch in a position where competitors try to control each other’s bodies by wrapping their arms around one another, fighting for good arm and hip position, frequently as a precursor to a takedown attempt. The clinch looks a bit like hugging, but is not affectionate.

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