Kids Activities and Programs in Alhambra!

There are many activities that are out there for your child in Alhambra but how do you know which one is good for your child?

That depends on what you want for him or her and what they need. The kinds of options out there are sports, dance, and martial arts programs. Here are a few ideas that you could consider for your child!


The first one on this list of five options for kids is Quidditch!

Yes, the broomstick sport from the Harry Potter books and movies. This may be a silly option but fans of the books or movies would love to be creative and put a game together! Recently it has been gaining popularity too and even has its own minor leagues.

home quidditch


The next suggestion for your child would be swimming. Swimming is a great option for kids because it’s always a good thing to learn how to swim from an early age. This may not be for everybody because some kids are scared of swimming and is best learned a little bit later on where they can rationally face those fears and learn.


Being one of the most gender-neutral of most dancing at a young age, tap could be a very fun activity for your child. Loud noises and quick movements will keep kids entertained and may be something they can show off to family and friends!


This suggestion is another fun one. Ultimate Frisbee is something that has been gaining popularity lately and is basically football without the crazy tackling and equipment necessary to play the sport. All you need for this is a Frisbee and other kids that are willing to play!

ultimate frisbee

Another option is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

This is a grappling martial art that children and adults of all ages can begin to learn! In Alhambra our program is the best kids program out there. Kids that learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have no bullying problems and gain confidence in them. It is also a very fun way for children to stay in shape, learn self-defense, and learn discipline. No matter which program you place your child in, it is important that he or she is getting into something active!

selva jiu jitsu

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