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Fighting Obesity with Martial arts in Montebello!

Fight Obesity Martial Arts

What better way is there to fight Obesity than with martial arts? Depending on the person, not many other ways. Martial arts provide a constructive way to help you lose weight or maintain a certain level of fitness. Obesity is a problem that comes from many factors but some of them come from people ‘’fat shaming’’ overweight people and lack of motivation. There is absolutely no fat shaming to be had in the right gyms and also the right gym should provide encouragement as well as motivation.


When you are thinking about joining up with a martial arts gym

in Montebello there are a few things that the gym must have in order for yourself as well as the gym to be successful. The biggest thing is the instructors and staff. One of the first things that should be taken care of is for them to ask about what your goals are and provide a plan on how you will be able to achieve your goals, on or off the mat. If the gym shows no consideration for your goals you may be at the wrong place. The main thing that puts some of the programs available in Montebello apart from the others is the comraderie and instructors. Everyone in a program has some sort of goal in mind at all times. Everyone wants to reach their goals but also, as a team, wants everyone else to reach their goals too. When you come in to a program this is the kind of feeling you should get while training because this will also serve as even more motivation to reach those goals!


If you are in the Montebello area we have programs that may suit your needs.

Check out Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial arts for programs that will help you reach your goals. Whether your goals are self-defense, competition, or weight loss. There are classes that are for kids as well so if you have others who may be interested you can point them in this direction. Selva BJJ even has a free trial that you can take advantage of so there is nothing to lose!


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