Dominick Cruz on T.J. Dillashaw: “He’s still an Alpha Male guy.”


Even though T.J. Dillashaw has left Team Alpha Male, Dominick Cruz still believes that he shouldn’t pass up on picking Dillashaw for being a former member of the said MMA team.

In a recent media conference call, Cruz cleared out his stand on the issue.

“You can dress up a turd, but it still stinks. That’s T.J. Dillashaw. He’s still an Alpha Male guy. He’s still got those guys training with him. He’s still one of them. He’s still a jock. He’s still a meathead. He’s still not that bright. And he still uses a lot of the fundamentals that those guys use,” Cruz said.

This coming January 17th in Boston, Dillashaw will be going up against Cruz to defend his UFC bantamweight MMA title. Both MMA fighters have been on interviews and it clearly shows where the two of them stand when it comes to talking trash leading up to the fight- Cruz is eloquent enough to pull off some mind games on Dillashaw as he is a DillashawFOX sports analyst; Dillashaw, on the other hand, made it clear that he really not into talking trash to his opponents.

“[He] literally shuts down when you’re talking to him. He just doesn’t want to say anything. It’s weird,” Cruz said.

Cruz said that the reason behind Dillashaw’s rather quiet personality is because Dillashaw is not that bright. As expected, Dillashaw wants to think otherwise.

“It’s funny that Dominick said that I don’t like to talk crap because I’m not very smart when I’m the one who has the college degree and went to school. It’s just the fact that I’m a martial artist and I like showing respect. I’m not gonna be one of those guys who’s going to do the Conor McGregor effect and talk a bunch of crap to make money. I want to look back on my career and know that I made the right choices and that I portrayed myself the way I want to be portrayed and not look like a jackass while doing it,” Dillashaw said.

Cruz definitely has an edge when it comes to backlashes like these. He is witty and knows how to use his words well in order to get in the heads of his opponents. Dillashaw, on the other hand, is more on the quiet side. And as much as Cruz wants to be in Dillashaw’s head, the MMA champ says Cruz’ mind games isn’t working on him at all.

“You gotta laugh it off. You can let him talk crap and look like an idiot, but it all comes down to the night of the fight. He just doesn’t mind talking sh*t. I’m just not one of those guys. I treat people with a little more respect. He can’t take the fact that I believe in myself and that I’m the better fighter,” Dillashaw said.

Cruz, on the other hand, says he is not a believer of mental warfare. He simply knows that the more fans notice an MMA fighter and see their true personality, it results to higher ticket sales and ratings.

“T.J. still hasn’t figured that out yet, but maybe he will eventually and sell some tickets,” Cruz said.

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