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With CrossFit getting so popular, how do you find the best gym for you?


These gyms are not all the same especially when it comes to the equipment one might have, level of training you will receive from the trainers, and also coaching you will get. That’s why when picking where you will potentially be spending a good couple of months to years training, there are a couple things you will need to keep in mind when choosing your gym.


Something to keep in mind is that CrossFit does not regulate

styles of training or what kind of qualifications that the gym owners have. This can load to one of two things at any type of gym. For starters it can allow for an assortment of styles people have learned to train which could be a good thing since it changes things up from the norm and yield fantastic results. Just the opposite is possible too in that the owner could have bad ideas but enforces them anyways and are having others train in this style would be a very bad thing. Without any regulation means that some will be absolutely phenomenal but others will be bad and could be dangerous to the people there. It is up to you, the reader, to be able to pick out a proper place to train and here will be some helpful advice on how to best choose your gym.


One of the first things an individual needs to do before anything is to check out some extra information on a place they have in mind. Visiting their webpage is a good way to start because you will get a look at who trains there, scheduling, and information on the instructors. This might seem a simple step but there have been many people who might pass by a spot and think they might want to train there and only give them a call. A ton of information may have been missed from not checking everything out. When checking out the website you need to ask yourself: does the place look like a place you want to train, do the people seem like people you want to train with, is the gym’s style of training compatible with how you want to train, and the main thing, does the scheduling match yours? All this should be available from their website.


The next step would be to either give the gym a call or have a visit to meet with an instructor.

You could get a little bit extra information if you are new to Crossfit over the phone and when visiting there are things you should pay attention to. The first thing is: when you are walking in those front doors, you should feel comfortable.  Are people friendly and welcoming? Is the gym spacious enough? How does the equipment look? A big concern: is the gym clean? If these things seem okay then so far so good!

Pricings of Crossfit gyms seem to differ from place to place but one of the key things is to not go for the cheapest one simply because you are trying to save a little extra money. Paying to sign up to train at a gym is an investment to help make you healthier!

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