Chas Skelly admits he just wants to cash in a $50k bonus check

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In a recent interview, MMA featherweight Chas Skelly admits that he is wondering when he will be getting a shot at the title, just like all the other MMA athletes in the promotion. However, there’s one thought that’s more pressing to him right now- why can’t he get a winning bonus?

“The thing I think about more than anything is, ‘How am I going finish this guy and finally get a bonus?’ How am I’m going to finish three out of four guys and not get a bonus? I’m looking for 50,000 extra dollars. I’m not worrying about who I’m fighting next – I’m looking for the check to hit my bank account,” Skelly said

True enough, Skelly won three times- one against Tom Niinimaki, Kevin Souza, and Jim Alers. But even though he was able to defeat these three great fighters, Skelly still hasn’t won any bonuses.

mma chas skellyLuckily, it looks like Skelly will be getting another chance to finally get that bonus this coming March 5th. Skelly, who is currently holding a record of 15-1 MMA and 4-1 UFC, will be going up against Darren Elkins. Elkins, on the other hand, has a record of 19-5 MMA and 9-4 UFC. UFC 196, which is where the two MMA fighters will meet, will be taking place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Just recently, Skelly received an honorable mention in the USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie MMA featherweight rankings because of his four-fight victory. It’s indeed a wonder why he still remains unranked even though other fighters have shorter winning streaks.

This event doesn’t seem to bother Skelly though. He revealed that as long as he goes up the rankings and receives the payouts, all is good with him.

“I’m not upset with (my record), that’s for sure. But you don’t want to sit back and look at it. My record means nothing; rankings mean nothing. The only thing than means anything is the fight in front of me. I can’t sit back and say that’s a good record. I’ve got to keep pushing forward. I’m not trying to be the guy with the best record in the UFC – I’m trying to be a titleholder. That’s my goal, and I won’t be satisfied until I’m there,” Skelly said.

Skelly did admit that there were times that he badly wanted to go against former MMA champ Jose Aldo. Aldo was at the top of his division for the longest time, but he was dethroned by Conor McGregor last UFC 194. Just like the other fans, Skelly was hoping that Aldo would beat the crap out of McGregor because Aldo is the best in the MMA industry. Unfortunately, McGregor won the fight in just under a minute. McGregor’s victory was a huge one in the history of the UFC that he is aiming for a double title, which is a first in the promotion. If in case McGregor won’t moving to lightweight for good, Skelly wants to have a chance of fighting the champ.

“I think at this point, if Conor stays on top, there’s nobody I’d rather beat up than Conor McGregor. As long as the title is in my hands, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to me. But I always did daydream of beating Jose Aldo myself, but with respect, because I do believe he’s one of the best,” Skelly revealed.

The MMA fighter, however, doesn’t think the same with Elkins, who managed to win some of his own fights.

“He’s very hit or miss. In some of his fights, he shows great entries on his shots, reactive takedowns off punches, and that’s something you have to look out for. And in other fights, he looks real sloppy, kind of lunging forward without good footwork. I think one thing that’s a constant is if somebody can stuff his takedowns, they can beat him up, and that’s what I plan on doing,” Skelly added.

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