Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tips: Part 3

Continuing from part 2, here is part 3 of tips that can help improve your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game.

This is the third part of tips that may help you with your bjj classes if you have suddenly hit a wall or you are finding classes difficult. Many people tend to hit walls which take a little extra help to break through. Even the most experienced practitioner may have issue completely grasping a certain technique and its through practice and listening to everything in order to understand things.

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Part 3 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tips

1. Defeat makes you better – Many people don’t see the positive part of having to submit or tap out during training or competition. They focus only on the negative, that they lost or they aren’t good enough. The best way to look at defeat is to look at what you did wrong and how you can improve it. Maybe you need to learn some new techniques, escapes, or how to finish that submission you attempted. Defeat tells you what you need to work on and how to become stronger it shouldn’t be so negative. If you focus only on the negatives and not how to become better you will become stuck and unable to move forward. Even in competitions, as great as it is to come in first, there are people out there that train differently with different people that you can learn from. If you take a loss from these people that tells you that you need to work harder and improve on how you lost.

2. Variations – In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there are many techniques to learn but more so are the variations of those techniques. Take the triangle choke for example: there are different ways to finish the technique based on your body type. Some of the short legged BJJ players might not be able to clean up the triangle (shin behind the knee) so they need to improvise. Likewise, long legged BJJ players may be able to clean the triangle, fish tail, and grab under a leg with an arm. It all depends on your body type and your style of Jiu-Jitsu. It is best to work with your instructors if you are simply unable to do something in particular, maybe there is a variation that enables you to be able to pull it off. BJJ is very flexible, there are many ways to achieve something.

3. Best defense is a good. . – Offense keeps your opponent defending and in a sense also keeps you protected. It can take some work but coming up with a good offensive plan can lead you to many victories on the mat. It is important to make sure what you are going to do isn’t going to end up getting you swept or into your own defense. Many people start off with being able to gain a favorable position but unwilling to attack any further for fear of losing the advantage they already had. Not only can you end up ”stalling” in competitions but in the end just attempting to hold your opponent in that position for a long time will tired you out. Being able to constantly go on the offensive will result in more technique being used as well as more possibilities to win over an opponent.

4. Defenses – Even though offense is mentioned above, making sure your defense is top notch is still important. Often game plans going into a rolling session don’t go the way you want and you will end up needing to defend. If a BJJ player focused everything into offense and gets swept into defense, they might not know how to handle the situation. They will be at an even bigger disadvantage than usual. Even though offense makes a great defense, remember not to neglect your defenses.

5. Stretch! – Stretching is extremely important in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All the movements and techniques require some form of flexibility and if you think back to the beginning of BJJ, it was created with the smaller, less powerful, most likely flexible person in mind. With that said, power helps but technique prevails. Proper stretching enables you to go through all kinds of movements instead of being limited in your mobility. Some people don’t like stretching but that is there loss and it is advised to stretch often to prevent injuries as well as improving your game.

This has been Tips for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu performance, Part 3.

Stay tuned for the final 5 tips in the fourth part. These tips can help out any Jiu-Jitsu player at any level, it only takes an open mind and the will to succeed. We hope these tips will be able to help you improve upon your own Jiu-Jitsu and become stronger!


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