Andy Souwer thinks Jose Aldo will be hanging his gloves after UFC 194

Andy Souwer, Aldo’s training partner, flew all the way from Netherlands to Rio de Janeiro so he can help MMA champion, Jose Aldo, prepare for his upcoming- and possibly final- title defense bout this coming UFC 194, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Dutch striker thinks that this will be his final trip to Rio de Janeiro to train the featherweight champion for his MMA fight.

Jose AldoAldo is now entering another title defense for the 8th time this coming December 12th against interim champion, Conor McGregor. Both amazing MMA fighters will be featured as the main headliner of UFC 194. With this, Souwer thinks that this is the final time Aldo will be entering the cage when he faces “The Notorious”.

“To be honest, yeah I think. Yeah, I think so,” Souwer said during a recent interview with MMA Plus.

Souwer further said that this decision to retire may probably stem from the complicated relationship that Aldo is having with the promotion agency, which was further emphasized when Aldo had a recent rib injury. Aldo was supposed to go against McGregor last UFC 189, but with the rib injury he acquired during training, he had no choice but to pull out from the much-awaited fight.

“So I think he’s done with it. And ready. I will agree. Whatever he is thinking, it’s his decision. But I think it will be good for him,” Souwer said.

Aside from possibly being the last fight for Aldo, Souwer also noticed that the champ was a bit different than his previous training camps.

“The training was hard but fun, I never saw him like this before. Because I always saw him a little bit, almost stubborn, but this time I don’t know what happened he has a big smile. Almost every fight, every preparation that I help him, he is always in the first two rounds, he is okay, he’s good, then slows down, we also could see that in his fights, but for now six rounds, six minutes, he’s fucking the guys up,” Dutch said.

With Aldo’s skills and terrific record, Souwer is predicting that McGregor will get knocked out this coming UFC 194. The crowd is betting on the long-reigning champ as well.

“Jose Aldo is the pound-for-pound fighter in this weight class and he will succeed this time also. It will be a fairytale story of course, but I’ll go for it,” Souwer added.

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