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(Our Women’s ONLY Fitness Boot Camps programs are located near Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley and are in driving distance to every one of the Whittier, Pasadena, San Marino, Rosemead, Pico Rivera, Monterey Park, Downey, Temple City, and South El Monte areas.)



 How many times have you tried painlessly to lose that stubborn belly fat?…How many times have you gone on diet after diet, hoping to find that magic solution to attack all of those problem areas?…. How many times did you bounce from gym to gym constantly struggling to lose weight ?….and what happened?
Did it work?…



Boring workouts at big, Mega Globo gyms are repetitive and boring. Plus most of the time they are dirty and too crowded to even find the machine or piece of equipment that you are looking for!

Fad Diets like the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, the Hollywood Diet, the Low Carb/High Protein Diet  promise fast and lasting results but don’t deliver. What happens is you starve yourself for a little bit…lose a few pounds (mostly water weight), feel tired and hungry and end up Eating ONE “BAD FOR YOU MEAL”, out the window goes the FAILED DIET…and there goes all the weight you lost.

What you need is a NOT a gym NOT a diet but a LIFESTYLE that will keep you looking and feeling fantastic forever!

Our Award Winning Women ONLY Fitness BootCamp will provide you with everything from meal planning to the MOST intense workouts that will help you make this new healthy LIFESTYLE change and get you looking good and feeling great. This the most POWERFUL fat melting, body sculpting program ever developed.

Any woman can do it!

We have classes for all fitness levels Whatever you fitness level or experience, Our Full Time Professional Staff is committed to getting YOU started. Most of the women in our program have never attended a bootcamp class before!

It’s never too late to get in shape  Whether you are looking to fit into that perfect wedding dress, lose that stubborn “baby weight” or get ready for your  Wedding anniversary, our Specialized Program can meet your needs!

If you’ve never had an exercise program in your life this is the place for you! You do not have to be in shape to begin training at our All Womens Bootcamp- many of your future sisters were not in shape when they Joined our FAMILY. Our instructors have many years of specific training in physical fitness and Nutirion. We will develop a program specifically designed to meet your needs!


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LACK MOTIVATION – Doing the daily gym grind all by yourself is plainly simply UN-motivating… going to the gym becomes a task or a chore and as the weeks and months go by without any results that you planned for, you start losing the will-power to go on.

It’s BORING– Boredom and Motivation go hand in hand.  You will start to see that just after a month, the REALLY cool machines and large assortment of weights just are not that interesting anymore. THE Stair master AND Treadmill AND Elliptical are BORING …. and you are paying money for it!  But at least there are Tvs to watch…

No DIRECTIONGoing to the gym without active goals is like trying to cook a meal without the recipe… just because you have the ingredients, doesn’t mean the food is going to come out good!


Yup, I said it… and I’m RIGHT!  Come on… don’t feel bad, we have all tried diets… we have all searched for the magic diet that will make us lose weight, look great, and feel fantastic… instead we lose two or three pounds, feel sluggish, and feel not so fantastic… then crash and gain the weight right back… and end up feeling worse than before we started the diet.  Nothing is worse than eating that first piece of junk food after trying a failed diet…

Diets don’t work because eating is something you have to be comfortable with.  “Diet” is too temporary… when you are eating normal… you don’t tell your friends “I’m on a diet…”  Correct?  When you tell your friends you are “on a diet” it is usually brought up like bad news… “Sorry Sally, I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet…”

What I’m going to do is make your “normal” eating healthier – introduce you to a NEW permanent LIFESTYLE… that you will LOVE!


Why Our Program Works So Well

The SECRET to our Women’s Bootcamp formula is what we call “CMVT”. Constant Muscle Variability Training. Each and every one of our Workouts is different. Not only is your body forced to adapt on a regular basis but you will never be bored as well. We implement only the best core, toning and firming exercises combined with our proven nutrition plans.  Our workouts are fun, challenging and even hard at times – but never impossible…and you’ll always have the encouraging guidance, support and accountability from our team and of course, the support from the rest of the women in the group.


With our Proven System You Will…

  • Ignite your metabolism, melt stubborn body fat and lose inches…fast!
  • Become, leaner, firmer, stronger…your whole body will be reshaped
  • Tighten and firm your abs core and Increase balance and flexibility
  • Feel energized, decrease stress and have a better sense of well being
  • Tighten problem areas like your legs, butt and upper arms
  • Greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite

Don’t wait any longer….get started today! CALL 888-474-4193 and let our full time professional staff help you get the body of your dreams.