Urijah Faber on MMA champ Jose Aldo’s Loss Against Conor McGregor: “”I feel really bad for Aldo.”

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MMA Jose Aldo

In a recent interview, Urijah Faber revealed that he was disappointed on how the Aldo-McGregor fight ended. Faber, who had the opportunity to work with big players at the featherweight MMA division in the UFC, admitted that he was devastated to see Aldo crash down the mat in the first few seconds of the fight.

MMA Jose Aldo“I feel really bad for Aldo. Conor wasn’t lucky, lucky because obviously he’s trained his butt off to get to the point where he can do that, but it was very unlucky for Aldo. I feel bad for Aldo. I feel like he definitely could have had a better performance or at least showed his stuff a little bit better. That’s rough, but you’ve got to be impressed with Conor. The guy put his money where his mouth is. That’s some legendary s**t right there. That’s a legendary thing to do. The build up the way it was with what Conor said and the way he delivered, that’s legendary,” Faber said.

Aldo, who has met his first defeat after almost a decade, is not in the greatest position in the MMA industry right now. Having the belt and being the former No. 1 pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world, he has no choice but to wait for McGregor’s next step and watch if the new bantamweight champ can pull off the same stunt when he goes against current lightweight MMA champion, Rafael dos Anjos this coming March 5th at UFC 197.

Seeing that McGregor chose to move up the weight division and fight RDA instead of defending his title belt against Frankie Edgar, everyone is looking forward on the fight and how it will end. As for Faber, he thinks he should be the one fighting McGregor next and not Frankie Edgar.

“You can’t deny Frankie. I think it’s unfortunate for Aldo. I don’t think Aldo needs to fight someone else in order to get a rematch. I don’t think he needs to fight his way back but I think Frankie is the next guy. If I were Aldo I would sit out, heal my head, work on whatever you need to work on and then get that fight again. I wouldn’t fight again [before the rematch], necessarily. I would just wait, heal and get my chance. I think he’s earned the right for himself to an immediate rematch but Frankie has earned … I mean he gets snuffed at every corner,” Faber said.

Since McGregor’s fight with Aldo ended very quickly, RDA won’t be able to study McGregor’s techniques as much since there is not much footage of McGregor’s fight with Aldo;, it looks like RDA will need to use another way to analyze McGregor. However, this doesn’t exempt McGregor into working hard and prepare for the MMA fight.

“To be honest, Conor has that knockout power and him being bigger he’s going to be even more dangerous, but RDA is no dummy. I think he’ll probably learn from Aldo’s mistake and he’ll learn from Chad Mendes’ success. I think he’ll try real hard to grapple and make it an ugly fight with Conor. If that’s the case it’s going to be a bad day for Conor. Unless Conor makes some big improvements, which I would think and hope as a world champion and student of the sport that he’s wrestling and doing jiu jitsu every day. If he does his homework it’s anybody’s fight,” Faber added.

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