UFC New Drug Testing Policy: Matt Brown Not Pleased

“We found out that it was a two-year ban instead of a four-year, which to me is complete bulls–t.”

This is what Matt Brown furiously stated during a recent interview about the UFC New Drug Testing Policy.

A new drug testing policy is now being implemented by the UFC which started July 1 this month. A lot of fighters have aired out both concerns regarding this matter. Some fighters agreed on it, while some of them think that the sanction is simply not enough to cover the dangers that a fighter can face when matched up with someone taking illegal substances. For instance, contender for heavyweight division Travis Browne thinks that this new drug testing policy is not really a good idea. Daniel Cornier, on the other hand, thinks otherwise. Matt Brown, however, is not stopping on just agreeing or disagreeing on the said issue.

Matt Brown1A random drug test that can be conducted anytime during the year will now be implemented by the UFC to make sure that the mixed martial arts fighters who are on the roster are not taking any performance-enhancing drugs. First-time offenders will be slapped with a suspension effective for two years will be implemented. According to Matt Brown, however, this two-year suspension will not be effective in preventing fighters in using illegal substances again. He thinks that fighters found to violating the policy will have to endure a suspension longer than two years.

“We found out that it was a two-year ban instead of a four-year, which to me is complete bulls–t,” Brown said during the recent interview in UFC 189 media day. “I’m thinking maybe I’ll start a petition for the UFC fighters. Maybe we can all band together and ask for a petition to ask to get a minimum four-year ban. Why would you not sign the petition? Unless you’re juicing. I think it should be a lifetime ban.”.

Brown also pointed out that being a fighter in mixed martial arts is not something that can be taken lightly. He said that people can die during fights, and if the fighters will not be playing on a fair ground, then fighting in mixed martial arts would be an even dangerous game to play.

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