UFC on Fox 6

The UFC comes out with another big card for their UFC on Fox 6 event this Saturday, headlined with a Flyweight Championship fight between Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson. The card will also showcase number one contender fight and a fight with a man looking to be free of his UFC contract. The last few Fox cards have delivered exciting fights and now the Flyweights have an opportunity to show the world how fast and technical they really can be.

UFC on FOX 6 Turns Up The Heat

Demetrious Johnson the Flyweight Champion has had a long run of facing opponents much bigger and stronger then him when he was fighting in the Bantamweight  division. Johnson  normally used his speed and technicality to defeat his opponents but with a challenger who is just as fast and in many ways more powerful how will the Flyweight Champion do? John Dodson has had the ability to be very explosive in his past fights showing more power even over some of his opponents in bigger weight classes. This will mark the first Flyweight Title defense in UFC history, with UFC placing it’s confidence in the fighters to make a big show on the network Fox.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been showing some odd behavior leading up to his final fight in the UFC. Rampage has vocally voiced his displeasure  with UFC and during the press conference for the event he further cemented his feelings by treating the media illy and playing video games. What remains to be seen is will this behavior transfer over in his fight with Glover Teixeira on Saturday night, or will Rampage rise to the occasion and go out with one big final showing. This is a important fight for Teixeira, with Rampage being one of his first big name opponents in the UFC he has the opportunity to show all those watching how good he really is.     

This UFC Promises To Bang!

UFCUFC on Fox 6 also features a battle between two talented strikers in  Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone who will be fighting for a shot at the Lightweight title. Both always deliver an exciting fight and on Saturday night they will show who the better striker really is. This is one fight not to miss as both men are great finishers.  The Event will happen on Fox Saturday night 5PM PT.

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