Tyron Woodley Wants To Know Why Georges St-Pierre Is Ducking Him

GSP is back baby! As he returns to the Octagon, much controversy and speculations have been made…

Plenty of fans thought there’d that he would come right back to the octagon and try to take back welterweight title that was formerly his, which he gave up when he made the choice to leave the sport three years ago. Instead he has now decided that he will move up in weight class and go for Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping’s middleweight belt.

That left fans and fighters with tons of mixed feelings, but you have to think, it really sucks for Tyron Woodley, who has been aching with every fiber of his being for a huge fight that will not only make him a lot of money but allow him to prove he’s the best welterweight champion ever.

“This happened to me before,” Woodley revealed. “I was told if I beat Rory McDonald I would fight for the title. And that Wednesday fight week, it was announced that the winner of Robbie Lawler versus Matt Brown would fight for the title. And it really took me off my rocker, I was really upset, I was going to fight Rory in his hometown to beat him there and go on to fight for the gold. And it really took it away from me.”

“I acted as if it didn’t bother me but it really did. The fight didn’t mean the same thing. In this case I’m the world champion, so I can’t allow a fight that has nothing to do with me at this current point to take over the mindset of fighting Wonderboy. I’m blocking it completely out.”

“I think I’m the greatest welterweight of all time because I’m the hardest puncher and I’m the best wrestler, I think I’m the most well rounded,” Woodley said. “And GSP, he don’t want to fight me. GSP, one of the reasons he left the sport is because of concussions. He’s talking about going down to 155, he’s going up to 185, Michael Bisping isn’t known to be the power striker to knock the head off your head. And I think he’s avoiding fighting me. So therefore I’m the greatest welterweight of all time if he doesn’t want to fight.”

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