Top 5: Jiu Jitsu Moves That Beginners Should Learn First

Top 5: Jiu Jitsu Moves That Beginners Should Learn First

A question I often see asked from beginners of jiu jitsu is the one of: Are there any techniques I should learn first/over others?

And while I will usually say that jiu jitsu is more about concepts, leverage, efficiency, etc… I still say that there are techniques that are more important for beginners to learn at first…

In my humble jiu jitsu junkie opinion, here they are:

1. Hip bump escape:
Someone’s mounted on top of you, know how to bump him off. It’s ridiculously easy, plus it’s the single best protection from punches in this position and the single most effective way to get an untrained guy off of you.

2. Learn how to recover guard:
From any ground position where you’re on the bottom, learn how to shrimp and slide your knee back in between you and the opponent. From there you have the power to make space and maybe even get your feet in between the two you (recovering open guard.) Never let someone passed your guard, even in a street fight.

3. Distance management:
Learn how not to get punched. Learn where you are safe (all the way in, or all the way out.) Then learn how to close distance quickly and safely for a takedown, which is the final point.

4. Takedown:
Make sure you know one or two ways to effectively take somebody down. Double leg and single leg takedown should (in my opinion) be among these. Learning a simple open guard sweep from your back is also useful.

5. Technical stand up:
Learning how to stand up effectively and safely from a seated/laying down position… With hands up, protecting from possible grips and submissions (if in the gym) or from possible punches, kicks, knees, elbows, etc… (If in the street)

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