The Korean Zombie’s Stellar Performance VS Dennis Bermudez

An all-out brawl! Dennis Bermudez & Chan Sung Jung clashed last saturday… (Feb. 4, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 104 inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

“The Korean Zombie” had taken quite a layoff before the fight… His absence was discussed with vigor in the lead up to this bout. Could Jung overcome his ridiculous three and a half year layoff without serious rust? Did he get in quality training during his military service? Even if he was in his prime, could Jung match up to the elite Featherweights of 2017?

For better or for worse, Jung entered the cage determined to answer all questions.

In the other corner stood Dennis Bermudez, intent on returning to the title mix. Regardless of his foe’s layoff, this was Bermudez’s first main event slot opposite a fairly well-known fighter, meaning it was still a major opportunity for “The Menace.”

Jung started the bout well, scoring with a good combination and hunting for a clinch takedown. However, Bermudez returned fire before long, scoring with a clean overhand that stunned his opponent briefly.

As most expected, the two men were in a serious scrap within the first 60 seconds.

Later on… Jung brought back his classic style of fighting, meeting an aggressive opponent with even more aggression. He showed very little respect to his opponent’s kickboxing, wading forward and attacking with both power shots and counter punches.

Against a man with iffy striking defense, that’s not a bad strategy.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Jung’s wrestling was on point last night. He defended each of his foe’s shots expertly, and the first takedown Jung attempted was a very slick transition into a trip.

The Korean Zombie is back!


On the flip side, Bermudez did fight well. He was landing plenty of hard shots and pushing the pace, but he was sucked into a brawl with a veteran brawler. Additionally, while both men pack power, Jung is the more prolific finisher, meaning that a wild slugfest does not favor him.

Bermudez’s game plan appeared to be intent on wearing his opponent down. Unfortunately for him, he was knocked out too quickly for that strategy to have any effect.

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