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Martial Arts For Autism | Kids Martial Arts Montebello

Children With Autsim Benefit From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu This month is dedicated to Autism awareness, Autism is neural development disorder that impairs social and communication interaction in many children today. Although at this point in time their is no cure or pin point cause there are many ways you can help the families who are  […]

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1 How to Train MMA in Montebello

Proper Rest and Nutrition is Essential for MMA Overtraining is a big issue for sports as young as BJJ and MMA. Boxing, Collegiate and older sports have their routine’s down to a science. They have had the time to develop the necessary conditioning for their sport and have the resources available to precisely understand what […]

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Kids Martial Arts in Montebello

Kids Martial Arts Classes Build Confidence One of the biggest benefits that kids will get out of training martial arts  is the self-confidence that comes along with learning self defense skills.  Self-confidence is probably one of the most useful tools someone can have. It  can help you overcome your fears, solves various challenges in life […]

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UFC on Fox 6

The UFC comes out with another big card for their UFC on Fox 6 event this Saturday, headlined with a Flyweight Championship fight between Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson. The card will also showcase number one contender fight and a fight with a man looking to be free of his UFC contract. The last few […]

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