Rousey to Correia: “Don’t Cry.”

It looks like women’s MMA belt contender Bethe Correia learned her lesson the hard way.

Ronda Rousey has knocked Bethe Correia out in just merely 34 seconds into the first round of UFC 190 last Saturday. Rousey, who vowed to make the contender suffer after the she lashed out statements about Rousey’s personal life, has beaten Correia at her own game.

During the pre-fight staredown, Correia was obviously trying her best to intimidate the bantamweight champion while saying to her face, “Don’t cry.”

This statement came back running back to her when she was planting her face to the mat.

Trash talking before the fight is almost always normal between two opponents. In Correia’s case, however, she went too far with her words. The fight ended seconds even after it started. And when Correia was already down on the mat, Rousey came back to her saying the exact words she said during the staredown, “Don’t cry.”

Drouseycorreiauring the UFC post-fight conference, Rousey said she really wanted to return the favor after the fight. “I said the exact same thing she was saying to me at the weigh-ins when she was screaming in my face at weigh-ins. She was saying ‘Don’t cry’. So I turned around to her after I knocked her out and I said ‘Don’t cry’,” she explained.

When Rousey was asked about what she can say about the fight that took place, she said, “I consider the matter settled. I’m not going to have to think about her ever again after this day and I’m sure she’ll have to think about me plenty. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over and done with,”.

Correia, on the other hand, has no regrets about everything that she said and did during this fight.

During the mixed martial arts post-fight interview, she said, “I don’t regret anything. Everything I said was very sincere. It was my point of view and what I believed in. I think I did a great job. The event was wonderful. It wasn’t the result that I wanted, but I think everything that I said was something that I thought.”.

Looks like what happened to Correia will be a lesson to everyone- do not say something if you cannot back it up.

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