Reebok’s Gear Has It’s First Wardrobe Malfunction in the UFC

Reebok’s deal with the UFC has just been finalized and it did not take long before it had its first issue.

Reebok has released its new UFC Fight Kits that are to be used by the fighters and the cutmen. These UFC Fight Kits were purchased to be the main uniforms and workout apparel made and quality-checked by the fighters. Unfortunately, the deal did not even reach its first month before dealing with its first wardrobe malfunction.

This wardrobe malfunction happened during the UFC event in Chicago. MMA fighter Jessamyn Duke, Ronda Rousey’s teammate, lost to bantamweight Elizabeth Phillips by decision at the early events of the card. reebokmalfuncDuke tried to make sure she disables Phillips by doing an armbar up until the final bell sounded. Phillips was able ward it off fortunately, but this grappling exchange ended with her top garment rolling up thus exposing her for everyone to see.

As if this is not unfortunate enough, the incident was further emphasized because the footage was played back in ultra slow motion as the commentator, Joe Rogan, discussed the best moments of the fight.

This incident brought a lot of attention and a lot of fans had posted their comments about it online. Good thing the fight was only aired on unlike the other fights where it was broadcasted on national TV.

After the incident, UFC Fight Pass has removed the scenes where the exposure can be seen. The team had cut off a few seconds of scene during the last moments of the fight, and they used a different camera angle footage when the replay was made.

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