Getting Ready for Upcoming UFC 168


Ultimate Fighting Championship 168 is sure to be one of the biggest UFC events to end the 2013-year.

The event will take place on December 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two championship title shots will take place that night. The main event will be middleweight champion Chris Weidman defending his title from the very person he took it from in a knockout in the second round, Anderson Silva. The co-main event will be women’s bantamweight fighters Ronda Rousey defending her title against Miesha Tate. The two women had previously fought on Strikeforce in 2012 for the bantamweight title so this will be another rematch. There will be two rematches in one fight card!


The first time Silva and Weidman met was in UFC 162 and throughout the fight up until the knockout,

Silva was toying with Weidman, even attempting to coach him. This proved to be his downfall as he pretended to stagger and was caught by a left hook that dropped him. Check out the full fight to see for yourself or for a refresher on how the fight went down. Anderson Silva will need to be serious this time around to come out victorious against Chris Weidman.



In Ronda Rousey’s fight against Miesha Tate, the fight was over in the first round.

The fight had lasted longer than any of Rousey’s previous fights but still ended the same way. During the fight there was some striking exchanges and an attempt at an arm bar that failed. Tate successfully took Rousey’s back and attempted a rear naked choke that failed and eventually fell victim to Rousey’s dangerous arm bar that looked absolutely horrible. Check out the full fight to get ready for the rematch coming in UFC 168.



Get ready for UFC 168 with the full fights of these two fighter’s previous fights. Anderson Silva may be able to take his title back if he can take the fight serious and back up being dubbed one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters ever. Ronda Rousey is looking to defend her title and will just need to do what she does best and hopefully pull it off with an arm bar!

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