Randy Couture Says He’s Happily Retired, But He Wants to See How Far Fedor Emelianenko Will Go

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There was a time where top MMA fighters Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko were at the top of their respective promotions. These two fighters going against each other is a dream matchup because they are both the best in their division.

The two almost made the much-awaited fight happen back in 2008. They actually had a photo where they are doing a face off. This was as close as the two got to fighting though. Fedor’s promotional company, Affliction, closed down. Couture, on the other hand, wasn’t able to get out of his UFC contract. Eventually, both retired from the industry, and the much-awaited fight died.

But now that Fedor is back from retirement, the fans would like to find out if the epic fight could still materialize. Couture admitted that fans are asking him that’s why he knows a lot of people are still anticipating the decision of the respective promotion companies.

Couture“When Fedor threw his hat back in the ring and decided he wants to compete some more, we’re all kind of interested in seeing where he gets signed and what that competition is going to look like. And having chased that fight for a while with Zuffa years ago while we were both at the top of our game, I got asked. I was sitting next to (Bellator President) Scott Coker in New York City getting ready for (Bellator 140) when that happened. I’ve been asked that question a lot over the last couple months,” Couture said during an interview in MMAjunkie Radio.

The funny thing is, when MMAjunkie Radio asked about it, Couture was right next to Fedor because of a press conference for a Bellator event. The two eventually went along with the question and pretended to play up a competitive rivalry by playfully lunging at Fedor.

On a serious note, Couture admitted that he’s not overly motivated to get back in the octagon to fight again.

“I’ve been pretty happily retired for four over years now, enjoying making more movies and getting to play more characters on TV, and getting three or four or five takes in those fight scenes rather than what MMA entails. It’s certainly an intriguing question,” he said.

However, the world might just have to find that out without him in the picture.

“It’s good to see (Emelianenko); I haven’t seen him in a number of years since he retired. It would be interesting to see what happens. This sport definitely has a lot of things going on and this brand is certainly shaking things up in the MMA world,” Couture said.

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