Nick Diaz’ Team Will Wait for NSAC’s Written Order Before Filing for an Appeal

Mixed martial arts fighter Nick Diaz’ suspension will not be going down easily.

Apparently, Nick Diaz and his legal team will be filing for an appeal as soon as the Nevada State Athletic Commission files a written order of his suspension.

“They made their order at the hearing, and their regulations require that they issue their findings in writing, and it’s those written findings that you appeal from,” Lucas Middlebrook revealed during a recent interview with MMAjunkie.

Middlebrook also said that they can do only so much before they get the NSAC’s order. But they are not going just accept the verdict without a fight. According to Middlebrook, Nick Granath, who is Diaz’ attorney, has already created an outline of the appeal. This will be filed to Nevada District Court, hoping that the verdict will somehow be overturned.

As a rule, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, has 60 days to file its final decision about the case, which is a five-year suspension and several fines last September 14th after a controversial hearing with Nick Diaz and his legal team. Diaz, who has a record of 26-10 MMA and 7-7 UFC, has been flagged for the third time regarding his marijuana use after losing to Anderson Silva last UFC 183. He and his legal team will be given 30 days to make an appeal regarding the NSAC’s order.

Middlebrook, however, remains hopeful that a district judge will be the one to make the final decision around the first quarter next year regarding Nick Diaz’ case.

Nick Diaz“I do have faith in the judicial system, whether it’s the state or federal judicial system, that they’ll look at the decision of an administrative body and make the appropriate decision based on the facts and the law. That’s why you have an appellate process in place so you have a higher body to take it to,” he said.

Nick Diaz has been getting a lot of support from fans and other mixed martial arts fighters regarding this case. Just recently, Nick Diaz received an outpouring support from an online White House petition where he got over 100,000 signatures. This was, apparently, the threshold required in order to get an official response from the White House. It is still not clear yet as to what action will be given from the White House regarding Nick Diaz’ case, but according to a White House staff, the response will be released soon.

Middlebrook admitted that they were quite uncertain with the outcome of the case, but they were greatly encouraged by that Diaz was able to get.

“My reaction is the White House’s response is anybody’s guess, but the fact that it got up above 100,000 signatures reaffirms that our defense prevailed in the court of public opinion, and I think it’s just further evidence of the injustice that surrounded the proceeding we had one month ago,” he said.

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