Movie Star Predicts A Conor McGregor Victory Over Mayweather

Movie Star Predicts A Conor McGregor Victory Over Mayweather

Idris Elba… Hollywood superstar, MMA fan, boxing fan and most recently, a prediction artist.

We all have our opinions on the McGregor VS. Mayweather fight… A lot of people think, that in a boxing scenario, Floyd wins… And, seeing as the fight is a boxing match, have all picked Mayweather for the win.

However, there are those who believe that Conor’s unorthodox style of fighting and moving, will be enough to throw Floyd, granting a possible victory for the irishman.

Well, as I said before, we all have our predictions and so does the movie star known as Idris Elba… Let’s see what he has to say.

“Listen, I’m going to tell you something a little controversial. In my opinion, I think McGregor has a really good chance at winning that fight. Here’s why. It’s controversial, but listen, I have a kickboxing background and the agility of a kickboxer in MMA is very different from a boxer. I think, what’s going to happen is that Floyd is going to, and I love Floyd, he’s a friend, he is going to fight his fight. But I think McGregor is going to topple that. He is going to topple his composure, he’s going to throw some things around that Floyd is not going to be used to. And the other thing about McGregor is that he can strike really, really, really quickly out of nowhere.”

Hmmm… It’s not exactly likely, but, in a way, what he’s saying is kinda plausible.

“Where I think Floyd does what he does normally, which is to hold a tight fight and I think McGregor is going to topple that and strike him. If he gets one on his chin, it could be over. Not a lot of people agree with me, but I just know kickboxers move differently. McGregor’s not going to go in there to box Floyd, he is going to fight Floyd. That’s a different sort of thing altogether. MMA is mixed marital arts, so McGregor is not just a kickboxer, he has the agility of so many disciplines, which is why I think is going to be a disadvantage for Floyd. Floyd is going to try to box Conor, and Conor is going to fight Floyd. I’m telling I think what is going to happen is Floyd is going to end up taking off his gloves and land one on him really.”

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