Mayweather KO Victim Says McGregor Won’t Even Be Able To Hit Him

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Ricky Hatton, a boxing legend in the eyes of most, recently had an interview with TMZ Sports in which he said some very interesting things about the long-awaited, ‘upcoming’ Mayweather VS. McGregor matchup…

Hatton, who was TKO’d by Floyd in 2007 should know a bit about getting hit and/or hitting the boxing champ.

In short he’s doubtful for the chances of irishman in a boxing match, though he still says he hopes that Conor “splatters” Mayweather.

Let’s listen in.

“I couldn’t hit him. Oscar [De La Hoya] couldn’t hit him. Canelo [Alvarez] couldn’t hit him. Conor’s not going to hit him,”

“If he’s the UFC’s biggest name and he doesn’t lay a glove on Floyd — which no disrespect, I could actually see that happen — I think there is only one organization that is going to come off worse or one sport.”

“I am a boxer, but I am fan of UFC. But, if he is UFC’s biggest name and what I think happens in the fight, happens in the fight, it could be a bit embarrassing and I wouldn’t like to see that happen to Conor, because I love him to bits. I think he is good for sports, good for entertainment,” he added. “If the truth be known, I would like Conor to splatter him. My heart says it, but my mind says no, he probably wouldn’t [beat him],” Hatton said in his conlcusion.

Either way I’m still psyched, how ’bout you?

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