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The rise of Mark Hunt UFC 160

Mark HuntMark Hunt was not a widely known name just a few years ago. Outside of Japan few fans of MMA knew a lot about Hunt, but today that is not the case. Hunt has been asked to replace injured Alistair Overeem in a fight with former Heavy weight champion Junior Dos Santos on UFC 160.  It is remarkable what Hunt has been able to accomplish in just a few years. The UFC was obligated to give Hunt a fight to fulfill contract obligations they got from buying out another company, they offered to just pay Hunt, but Hunt refused and said he wanted a fight. He lost that fight but with that loss came a new Mark Hunt.

Mark Hunt has had a string of wins over very respectable opponents, most recently knocking out Stefan Struve. The fight with Struve should Hunt improvement on ground and his amazing ability with punching power by breaking Struve’s jaw. Hunt  the former 2001 K-1 World Grand Prix champion has stopped three of his last four opponents by TKO or KO. His willingness and ability to strike has garnered him a large following, his fans rallied across the internet and asked Dana White to give Mark Hunt the fight.

  This fight is the biggest opportunity Mark Hunt will ever have…

with a victory there is a good chance Hunt will receive a shot at the heavy weight belt.  Monday morning on the MMA Hour with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, Hunt gave his opinion on his upcoming fight.

“He’s like me, He likes to stand there and bang. You know, I’d like to test his mettle. He was the best fighter in the world, and I consider myself the best fighter in the world. I class my striking really highly and so does he” Said Mark Hunt.

UFC 160 takes place on May 25, 2013 at the MGM in Las Vegas.




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