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Bullying can be a huge problem but luckily for kids and parents everywhere, Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello can help fix that problem.

This is one of the number one reasons why parents choose kids Jiu Jitsu classes. The techniques and skills that children learn in these types of classes are the best parents could look for. Other programs out there can’t compare because of several factors. Other after school programs may actually provide an environment that bullies take advantage of. Some of those programs include things like sports or club programs. For kids that are new to these programs there can be instant bullying simply because they are new. In sports, bullying or negativity can occur due to a star player in the team and your child being neglected. These types of things don’t occur in any martial arts program let alone kids Jiu Jitsu classes in Montebello.

Kids Learning discipline in Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello

Kids Learning discipline in Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello

 Reasons Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello are great for your child

1. Confidence – Confidence builds a stronger child and it is this key characteristic that puts bullies off from targeting your child as a potential victim. Usually confident children aren’t bothered by bullies because they don’t appear weak in any way. Bullies tend to seek out the weaker kids that they would be able to pick on without any resistance to feed their ego. When your child begins to become much more confident that is when they begin to become bully proof. Confidence also helps in different areas of your child’s life like school or even work later on!

2. Self-Defense – This is the main reason why your child will see increased confidence and self-esteem. In kids Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello kids are taught to know how to use techniques to defend themselves but only as a last resort. A child that knows how to properly defend themselves is a child that has confidence and the knowledge on when to use it and not to use it. It’s kind of like knowing something someone else doesn’t know that gives you an advantage over them. If a bully decides to still pick on your child then your child will know how to handle it with a huge advantage. Typically bullies aren’t able to succeed well themselves in a martial arts environment because there is always a zero tolerance policy on bullies. If there are some characteristics that may show a bully in class then they may be kicked out.

3. Discipline and Respect – These are characteristics that, just like learning self-defense, last your child their entire life. Today is is difficult to teach children the proper value in respect and discipline due to various factors around the world and advances in technology. With social media and video games being such a huge part in kid’s lives today its hard to teach them these things and this is why it is on this list. This is extremely important especially in the kids Jiu Jitsu Class environment because of the work that the kids need to do to together.

4. Setting Goals – This skill is a lifelong skill that will help in all areas of your child’s life. It’s important to know how and when to set goals and go out to achieve them. With Jiu-Jitsu it starts with a basic goal and that’s to achieve a black belt. That goal is a long term goal however and throughout a child’s time with the martial art they have minor goals set like learning and mastering a specific technique or getting to a certain belt rank. Its through these simple goals that they will begin to set goals in school and in life.

5. Fitness – Get your child up and off the couch with a martial art that can be intense. Video games makes it too easy for children to want to stay home and do nothing. It becomes difficult to give your child the same excitement that can be found in games so that’s where martial arts comes in. Coaches keep classes interested yet disciplined. It is enough to make children want to come back and continue training instead of just playing video games. It will keep your child healthy too!

Other programs have the potential to be good but Kids Jiu Jitsu classes in Montebello are fantastic.

Tough kids in kids Jiu Jitsu in Montebello

Tough kids in kids Jiu Jitsu in Montebello

When you are considering what you should do with your child for after school activities it is worth giving Jiu Jitsu a shot. It has become extremely popular in recent years and will continue on as lifestyles. There may even be classes available for parents so they can learn along with their children!







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