Johny Hendricks Is Gunning For GSP: “I Can’t Wait To Retire Him Again”

Johny Hendricks Is Gunning For GSP:


Georges’ St. Pierre, the legend, is coming back…

He’s currently set to fight it out with ‘The Count’ Michael Bisping… Date TBD.

But, if you remember, Johny Hendricks fought GSP, a fight that Hendricks lost… St. Pierre’s last fight before he hung up the gloves..

But now, with Georges’ back in the run, Johny wants a shot at him, claiming that he will retire him… “Again.”

“I can’t wait to retire him again. That’s really what I’ve been thinking. You know, I told him, I have no disrespect for the guy, he did amazing things. But three years out of it, you know, things have changed. And he said that I’m washed out. Well guess what? It’s a new Johny at 185. And I cannot wait for him to see, I can’t wait to see how this happens. Because win or lose, I think he should come after me. I think I should get that loss back. Realistically, you know, it is what it is, but I would like to do it again. I really do. And this time, he thought I was strong at 170, wait till he feels me at 185 when I’m not killing myself to make weight, when I’m not killing myself just to focus on my weight cut. What is he gonna think after the 185-pound match, when I’m totally focused on one thing and one thing only, doing what I did but better? That’s really where my head’s at, is right there.”

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