John Kavanagh Says Diaz Fight Will Sum Up Conor’s Legacy

John Kavanagh Says Diaz Fight Will Sum Up Conor's Legacy

“If I was to sum it up, there’s order to this training camp,” Kavanagh said during a recent appearance on ESPN’s Five Rounds podcast. “There’s no chaos. Everything is very disciplined, very military style. Beforehand, it was kind of done on Conor’s whim, how he felt on a certain day.

“This training camp has been based on cycles. Every day, we start at 1 p.m. sharp. In the evenings, we do cardio training. Everything is measured, nothing is left to ‘How you feeling?’ We have a performance doctor taking care of the performance side of things, I’m taking care of the fighting side of things, everybody is working together and nothing we’ve done before comes close to comparison for this one.”

“This fight actually feels bigger to me than the Jose Aldo championship fight in December, if I’m being honest. I really feel this will sum up a lot of what the gym stands for and of course, Conor’s legacy as well.”

I am so hyped…

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