Hendricks: Ready for the Next Battle

Johny Hendricks changed a lot. The change is actually being for how he looks. People are noticing that something is missing on his midsection but it’s not the belt though.

For another year, he is again in Las Vegas for the International Fight Week of the UFC. He made a couple of appearances last year this happened around UFC 175. These appearances was for his promotion being the reigning welterweight champion.

Hendricks holds the record of 17 wins and 3 losses. What was actually missing from his midsections last year was the belt. He renounced The title to Robbie Lawler after the result of having a split-decision. This happened in December of last year. However, looking at him now, the biggest change that he has, is not the missing belt but his physique.

During an interview with ESPN.com, Hendricks has this to say: “I have abs . I took my shirt off at the pool today and I wasn’t fat. I’ve dedicated my life to other things than food. Don’t get me wrong — I still love food. After God and family, it might be food or work. UFC and food are a tough third for me”.

hendricksAs per Hendricks, he said that he weighs about 205 pounds, given that the last match that he had was about four months ago, plus another four months before he would climb back into the Octagon. He is actually waiting for the winner of this weekend’s match. It’s the battle between mixed martial arts fighters Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald. Hendricks is very much committed in waiting for the winner, despite of how long it takes.

Hendricks opted to go for a new diet program. During the past years, including 2014, he weighed closer to about 215 pounds. He was actually blowing up to round that weight between his fights. After which, he parted ways with a nutritionist named, Mike Dolce.

With regards to parting ways with the nutritionist, he has this to say: ‘What hurt me in that fight was my weight cut. It wasn’t my skills. It wasn’t my striking or wrestling. I love Mike Dolce. He has been amazing and he has done an amazing job with me, but it was time for me to stop and say, ‘I need to do this on my own. I need to take the blame or the success in it.’ We did that for the Matt Brown fight [in March], and it went amazing.

Watch out for Hendricks at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. It is going to be in the co-main event of FC 189. The event will also be the match between Lawler, having 25 wins and 10 losses versus MacDonald, with the record of 18 wins and 2 losses.

He refused to give any comments, as well as his prediction for the fight between Lawler and MacDonald. He said that it will be exciting to have an MMA fight for the third time with Lawler, but he has the same feeling if ever he would face a new opponent.

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