Gregor Gillespie Recounts His Amazing ‘Fight Of The Night’ Performance

“I don’t want to put anyone on notice,” Gillespie told MMAjunkie after his UFC Fight Night 116 win. “There’s so many good guys in my division that’s like – I don’t even know the number, 150 guys, maybe, in my weight? Like, they’re all good. The next guy, whoever the next logical step is. And I said this in an interview before the fight: I’m not going to start calling out top-10 guys.

“I’m only 3-0 in the UFC, you know. Do I think I’m that good? Absolutely. But it’s calculated. You’ve got to be smart. I’m going to do some fishing. We’re going to keep training hard. And we’re going to see what the next logical step is. I’m going to heal up. I’ve got a few things and nicks on me.”

Gregor Gillespie recently made a name for himself in the UFC, in his third fight in the organization he had quite the spectacular performance. A superb submission finish, a 10-0 pro record and a hunger for more. This kid’s going places.

“That’s my pace,” Gillespie said. “I wasn’t trying to push the pace – that’s the pace that I fight at. That’s all I know. I don’t know standing at a distance and trying to feel the guy out. I go out and get after it.

“That’s what we do in sparring. I have some tremendous training partners. I have some tremendous coaches. That’s just how we do it in our gyms.”

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