Daniel Cormier on fighting Jon Jones: “We can do it every day until fight day comes.”

MMA champs Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have been throwing shots at each other for the longest time.

Jones won over Cormier by unanimous decision when they went against each other back in January during the mixed martial arts UFC 182 event. But the issues between these two great mixed martial arts fighters didn’t stop there.

Former light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, was stripped off his belt when he was involved in a controversial hit-and-run incident last April. Jones, who has a total record of 21-1 MMA and 15-1 UFC, has not fought since UFC 182. Cormier, on the other hand, has managed to grab the vacant title left by Jones when won against Anthony Jonson with a third-round submission last UFC 187. After that, he won by split-decision against Alexander Gustafsson last UFC 192, allowing him to hold onto the title until the next bout. Cormier has a current record of 17-1 MMA and 6-1 UFC.

JonesJones has now been reinstated and allowed back into the octagon. With Jon Jones back in the game, he and Cormier are determined to go against each other and find out who the “true champion” is in their weight division. As of the moment, Jones is currently on the top spot in the NOS Energy Drink MMA light heavyweight rankings. Cormier, on the other hand, is at the second spot of the same category.

Just recently, Jon Jones released some statements via Twitter expressing his intent to get back the belt from Cormier. In fact, he is so determined to fight Cormier for the title that he doesn’t mind fighting Cormier in his home turf.

“Honestly I’d fight Daniel in the OSU wrestling room. John Smith can be our referee. Just trying to take back what’s mine,” Jones said.

As expected, Cormier didn’t brush these statements off and quickly answered back. He gladly accepted Jon Jones’ offer and even said that he is willing to travel just to make the fight happen.

“If that’s how we wanna do it. I can be in New Mexico in a few hours. And we can do it every day until fight day comes,” Cormier shot back.

As a rule, one should never let his opponent have the last word.

Jones shot one final reply back and even came up with a unique hashtag, “#BringyourKleenex”. Here’s what he had to say:

“Perfect Daniel, I’ll be at Jackson’s MMA grand opening this Saturday Oct 31st if you want to stop by. #BringyourKleenex”

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