Dana White Thinks Rousey-Justino Fight Will Make 2.5 Million Pay-Per-View Buys

Dana White, the UFC president, knows how big Ronda Rousey vs Cris “Cyborg” Justino fight can become.

The reigning UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has recently won another epic fight in just 34 seconds. She won over contender Bethe Correia in the recent UFC 190 held in Rio de Janeiro last Saturday night. White says that after this epic fight, the Rousey vs. Cyborg fight would make much more PPV records.

In a recent interview, Dana White admitted that he thinks the Rousey-Justino fight will be a big one. “I think that fight does 2.5 million buys. I think that fight is massive,” he said.

This fight is still yet to be finalized because the two teams haven’t agreed on the terms as of the moment. Rousey has the upper hand in this negotiation and she is firm on her stand that she will only fight Cyborg at 135 pounds, her current weight division. Former Strikeforce and current Invicta featherweight MMA champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino, on the other hand, has still yet to achieve the target weight.

danawhiteCyborg’s plan ever since she signed with Invicta is to make it to 135 pounds in an Invicta fight, and if she wins, she will then go for the UFC bantamweight title and win against Rousey.

When Dana White was asked what he thinks about this plan, he said that plan is still on the table.

In the post-fight interview in Rio de Janeiro, Dana White said, “The Cyborg thing is complicated, because, I’m ready for Cyborg, Ronda’s ready for Cyborg, but Cyborg has to make the weight. If you see tonight, if you look around, and you see that Ronda is here in Brazil, with a sold-out crowd, the place was cheering for her, which I’ve never seen in Brazil, ever, Brazil only cheers Brazilians, and they’re cheering for Ronda, I’d be cutting weight now and chomping at the bit to fight Ronda if I was Cyborg. That fight is ready to roll whenever Cyborg is ready.”.

As for Rousey, she was asked about Cyborg making the 135-pound weight, she said, “I fight in the UFC 135-pound division. She can fight 145 pumped full of steroids, and she can make weight just like everybody else without ‘em.”.

Mixed martial arts women‘s fighter Cyborg was suspended last 2012 because of failing a drug test following her fight in San Diego.

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