Conor McGregor’s Best Quotes On UFC 200, “Retirement” And Nate Diaz…

Conor McGregor's Best Quotes On UFC 200,

— “I’m coming for my revenge here. I flew an entire team to Portugal and to Iceland to make my adjustments in preparation and fix my errors I made with the weight and the cardio prep. With the right adjustments and the right focus, I will finish what I started in that last fight.”

— “There had been 10 million dollars allocated for the promotion of this event is what they told me. So as a gesture of good will, I went and not only saved that 10 million dollars in promotion money, I then went and tripled it for them. And all with one tweet. Keep that 10 mill to promote the other bums that need it. My shows are good.”

— “Sitting in a car on the way to some dump in Conneticut (sp) or somewhere, to speak to Tim and Suzie on the nobody gives a f*** morning show did not get me this life.”

— “I must isolate myself now. I am facing a taller, longer and heavier man. I need to prepare correctly this time. I can not dance for you this time. It is time for the other monkeys to dance.”

— “Nate’s (Diaz) little mush head looks good up on that stage these days. Stuff him in front of the camera for it. He came in with no s— to do that last one. I’d already done press conferences, interviews and shot the ads before RDA (Rafael Dos Anjos) pulled out.”

— “I feel the $400 million I have generated for the company in my last three events, all inside 8 months, is enough to get me this slight leeway. I am still ready to go for UFC 200. I will offer, like I already did, to fly to New York for the big press conference that was scheduled, and then I will go back into training. With no distractions. If this is not enough or they feel I have not deserved to sit this promotion run out this one time, well then I don’t know what to say.”

— “For USADA and for the UFC and my contract stipulations — I AM NOT RETIRED.”

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