Conor McGregor Officially Out Of UFC 200 – Kavanagh Ticked Off

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor recently tweeted that he was back on for UFC 200, the UFC president Dana White says that this statement is bogus and that McGregor is nowhere nearer to fighting at the event than he was when White announced at a press conference that Conor was out of UFC 200. Although this statement was not widely noticed, it didn’t escape the recognition of McGregor’s coach: John Kavanagh… In the most recent episode of “The MMA Hour With Ariel Helwani, he said: “That was hard to hear, I really think that’s going too far. Conor was bold, but it wasn’t anything that bad. If we get the slap on the wrist for 200, we definitely can’t be put on the naughty list for New York.” Dana White confirmed Friday that Conor McGregor will definitely not be fighting in the Nate Diaz bout at the 200th UFC. He will instead fight the victor of the interim featherweight title championship fight, in which Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar will battle, the date has not been set. The reason McGregor was pulled from UFC 200, was because of certain obligations in the media that he was unwilling to fulfill… Saying he wanted to concentrate on the preparation for bout with Diaz. The UFC then said that McGregor had to attend for better fight promotion. Dana White said that all of the other fighters flew to Las Vegas to do it that there would be no special treatment for Conor… John Kavanagh later said that if McGregor is getting punished and pulled from UFC 200, that’s alright; not preferable, but it’s not a HUGE deal. He thinks that the UFC’s threat to take away the possibility and privilege of ever fighting in New York again is going a little bit overboard… ”As an Irish guy in New York, the first card in Madison Square Garden, I think Conor would show up anyway and fight someone in a changing room if White doesn’t put him on the card,” Kavanagh said. “We have to be put on the New York card.”

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