Carlos Condit on retiring after loss in UFC 195: “I have to evaluate that there’s the possibility that was my last one.”

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Carlos Condit revealed that prior to stepping inside the cage for UFC 195 welterweight title bout, he decided it will be an ‘all or nothing’ bout.

In the past, Condit was a WEC championship and a UFC interim belt holder. Now that he is going up against Robbie Lawler, Condit is now given another shot at the 170-pound belt in the MMA sport. As what most fighters already know by now, getting three chances for the same title are a bit rare. Now that Condit is already on his second chance, this fight is really quite important for him and all his supporters.

Both Lawler and Condit both did very well during the fight held in MGM Grand Garden Arena. Condit, however, was the crowd’s favorite and everybody was rooting for him to win.

ConditUnfortunately, the former champion lost by one point based on the judges scorecards; two out of the three judges gave 48-47 favoring Lawler.

Right after the bout, Condit was asked during the interview if this is the last MMA bout before he finally retires.

“It’s not really an emotional thing. I’m not dejected. I don’t know. I have to evaluate that there’s the possibility that was my last one. We’ll see,” Condit said.

Condit, who will be turning 32 years old this coming April, has been in the cage numerous times. He was able to participate in four kickboxing fights and 39 MMA fights in his entire pro combat sports career, which goes way back to more than a decade ago. Condit also did very well in his bouts, which is proven by winning 28 out of his 30 MMA fights by finish.

For a fighter who did so well in his career, Condit’s feelings towards his big loss might probably be justifiable. He won’t be left without a chance for redemption though. There are huge bouts waiting for him if wants. Lawler, on the other hand, is already anticipating a rematch against the former champion. Although Dana White, the UFC’s president, isn’t confirming anything as of the moment, he isn’t closing the doors for a possible rematch either.

“This whole time, 40 professional fights, MMA and kickboxing. I don’t know. I came up short tonight. I don’t know. It was, tonight was kind of a do-or-die moment for my career and I was all in. if I got that strap, I was going to keep fighting. If I didn’t, like I didn’t, I have to see if I can continue to do this. I’m proud of the way I fought. A guy like Robbie, stylistically, is better, it wasn’t him laying on top of me, it was us out there throwing some heat trying to put each other down. He pushed me. I had to fight my ass off,” Condit admitted.

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