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Is your child athletic? Are they school wise? Do they know how to deal  with a confrontation with a bully? So name me a sport that will benefit your child in all these areas while they are having fun doing it.

First off,  team sports are great. I grew up playing team sports like soccer,baseball and basketball. I didn’t start any real martial arts training until later on in my young adulthood. I am not anti-team sports, they just do little to benefit personal growth outside the team aspect.  I have been athletic for most of my life and like many I played team sports from as early as seven years old through high school and all the way through college. The problem lies with different children’s abilities and how they vary in innate body coordination and athleticism. And the Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp looks to improve these areas.

Team sports have a lot of “positive values” that In fact young children must learn to be successful such as sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, and communication skills just to name a few.But here’s my question. Now whether it is basketball, football or soccer, do all the players on the team have equal participation? Is everyone on the team being tended to personally and given their own pathway to reach for their own set of goals? Probably not..

I think in most cases, that is a flat out “NO”. You see the kids that lack high levels of skill or athleticism, speed or natural talent go unnoticed. Most city or sport Association leagues like AYSO or Little League work with volunteers. Most times the volunteers have little to no experience working with children, coaching or teaching body mechanics or building physical abilities.   But name me a sport that truly FOCUSES on the individual’s positive growth, confidence, leadership, respect, and discipline in the way that our Kids martial arts program and Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp does….I don’t believe one exists.

And…not to bring more rain to the parade but a great many kids playing team sports are not “built up” by sports but more of the opposite. They can actually have their confidence and self-esteem negatively affected by a coach, their teammates, or the team experience  in general. If you don’t have the natural ability or talent, then the child’s playing time is drastically affected for the better of the team.

The point is that summer sports, local team sport leagues, etc. are not a bad thing. I am CONFIDENT though of the fact that our program is a GAME CHANGER for the kids who take part in it. Don’t miss out on this One of a Kind Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp!! They will be having fun, learning the benefits that martial arts provide and spending time developing skills that will shape them into strong, confident and successful adults physically and mentally.

Our Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp program, for example will go over Anti-Bully situations along with role playing, self-defense techniques and when to use them, Adventures with Science, Martial Arts and Crafts, Learning 8 Magic Words of a Martial Artist, Coordination, Balance and Agility training using a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as foundation. Our coaches and staff including myself are well-trained, positive professionals that have a history of working with children ages 4-Teens. Aside from offering this GREAT Summer Camp, together we have an Award Winning Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program.

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