Alexander Gustafsson Says Daniel Cormier isn’t The Real Champion

Looks like Light-Heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson isn’t so happy with Cormier being the champ of his division, he says that Jon Jones is actually the REAL champion.

“He has the belt, and I want to fight Cormier again for sure. I want the belt. But the real champion is Jon Jones, of course, because he has been destroying everybody in the division,” said “The Mauler” on a recent edition of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. “Everything that he’s done, nobody has done it before. So to me he is the real champion, but I do accept ‘DC’ a champion, too. He is a good guy, good fighter and the only guy he lost to is Jon Jones. He is the real deal and champion material.”

“I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t surprised. I feel sorry for him. What can I say? I just feel sorry for him. New things come up all the time and I am not surprised at all. I just feel sorry for him. It’s bad for him, it’s bad for the sport,” he added.

“Look, what he did to ‘DC.’ He’s a beast and nobody has done what he’s done. He’s just getting caught over and over again. It must be something wrong there. You just don’t do that if you … he’s just making wrong decision all the time and I feel sorry for him, basically.

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