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The Top FIVEReasons Your Child Needs Our Martial Arts Summercamp

Kids Summer Camp in Alhambra

Exposure To Diversity

Summer Camps connect kids to other children they would not normally meet. Nowadays many kids don’t get the chance to meet new people in real life. They are always on social media like facebook, and instagram.  As parents we need to introduce them to “real” social interaction early on. During our martial arts summer camp your child will learn that the world is a huge place with lots of people, who will do things differently than they’re accustomed to.


Increased Self Esteem

Since it’s inception, the martial arts instills  confidence and self esteem. Nothing else can be further from the truth when your child is at a martial arts summer summer camp.  They are exposed to this all day! They don’t have mom and dad to help them approach people and make decisions. They have to put themselves out there! Learning how to throw a karate kick, or punch also makes a child realize how capable he or she is to learn anything they want. According to the American Camp Association, over 90% of kids who attend summer camp say they feel more confident in taking on new challenges.


Self Defense

Martial Arts Summer Camps teach kids how and when to defend themselves.  Self Defense is a need for kids that just doesn’t get met anywhere else. It’s not so much so that your kid will beat up another kid. It’s so that they have the confidence to know that they can handle the situation if necessary.  According to the National Bullying Association,  "Over 75%  of kids report being bullied, causing nationwide epidemic. Having your child in a martial arts summer camp teaches them how to deal with a bully and if necessary defend themselves.


Better Grades

Watch Your Child’s grades soar through the roof… and… stay there! Our specific martial arts training gives teaches your child the discipline and habits needed to study, complete homework and organize their time more WISELY—Success becomes a habit and not a chore!!! Throughout our martial arts summer camp we make learning fun. In fact, your child will participate in our summer time business project, where they will "build their dream martial arts school". They are given a budget, will allocate funds and learn how to build a website from scratch!

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Alhambra

YOU Don't Have To Worry!

“I have to work! Where are my kids gonna go?” I'm sure as a busy parent, those questions are running through your mind. "When school get out, where will your kids go?"  Don't worry. You've found the right place.

 Summer Camp isn’t just a “day care” for kids: It is a life long experience that will change your lives forever.  You'll ensure that your child is having a "productive summer" and not just sitting around, wasting time. They will be having fun, learning new skills and develop long lasting friendships. 

How many summers has your child spent doing nothing?

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