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Free "Bully Buster Bootcamp" Reveals How To Protect Your Child From Bullies, Teach Them How Deal With ANY Bullying Situation And Make Them Bully Proof!


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10:30 AM In North East Los Angeles 

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Hello Concerned parent,

Master Jason Selva here and as a martial arts instructor who works with kids everyday, I wanted to share something with you...

It's no secret that BULLYING is a nationwide epidemic. It seems that every day that you turn on the news that there is a tragedy related to Bullying.  Some kids are even committing  SUICIDE! 

Did you know that over 75% of children in grades 9-12 reported being bullied at some point? Chances are that YOUR child is being bullied and you don’t even know about it.  Bottom line is that as a parent it is your job to learn how to identify the signs of bullying and and protect your child.

But sometimes that problem is that in today’s world of single parent households-or with two parents who have to work multiple jobs to get ahead, not every parent can find the time to think straight, let alone spend hours with their children to find out what is really going on....

And that's what this Seminar is all about BULLY PREVENTION! I will show you the 5 Major Warning Signs that your child may be being bullied and I will also teach you and your child how to deal with bullying before it even begin. This is truly killer stuff and you'd be crazy to miss it

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